Thursday, March 10, 2011

Math problems of the week: 1st grade Investigations vs. Singapore Math

Button problems, from about 1/3 of the way through the first grade curricula:

I. Investigations:

II. Singapore Math:
III. Extra Credit:
How long will it be before boys start trailing girls in American math classes as much as they do in language arts classes?


Angela said...

You need to make this into a book!

FedUpMom said...

It isn't just boys vs. girls. My younger daughter has some language delays, and the whole reading/writing/speaking deal has been a struggle for her. I think she might be talented at math, but how will she discover this if it's always presented as more reading and writing?

Veronica Johnessee said...

I remember this assignment. I was very confused as to why we needed to describe the button for math class. Even if it had been orally, why are we describing the button for math class?

Teacher said...

This Investigations worksheet is an introduction to a unit on sorting buttons by attributes (size, number of holes, color, texture). There are plenty of similar word problems in the units on addition and subtraction.

Katharine Beals said...

Teacher, what do you think of the fact that there are *no* such "introduction to sorting" problems in the 1st grade Singapore Math curriculum? Are Singapore Math students missing something important by not going through this process? Or are they perhaps being spared something tedious?

Singaporean mom said...

First, I could not believe that this composition on buttons really was included in a first grade Maths workbook.

Now that 'Teacher' has clarified, I do understand the lead-up to the sorting/classifying activity, BUT then, the 'description of a button' should have been done as an oral, classroom activity, NOT as part of the Maths workbook.

Also, I agree with 'FedUpMom' that it is not necessarily only boys who struggle with writing. Girls may be able to talk about things, but when it comes to writing, most first graders are on par.