Sunday, April 10, 2011

Home schooling: week 6

The basic routine continues, with a bike trip to the closest big library, following a course she plotted out on a local street map that she constructed beforehand. Prone to motion sickness, she much prefers field trips by bike over field trips by automotive vehicle, and we do those whenever possible. She also labeled and mapped the ancient world, locating once again the historical and mythical events she's been reading about.

Mom, meanwhile, is relearning what little she once knew about ancient history and then some. Indeed, while Mom is spending more time on daughter's education than ever before, she really appreciates how much more of it is quality time: (re)learning interesting stuff and rereading classic tales rather than bugging daughter about completing the latest Investigations worksheet and prompting her through the latest organizationally demanding, uninspiring (to us at least) project. Right now we're missing the Moon Journal... and are getting along much better as a result. 

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Deirdre Mundy said...

I've found a big benefit of homeschooling my ADHD first grader is that when she's having a meltdown over an assignment, I can put it aside and come back to it the next day, when it's suddenly easy. (Because meltdowns are seldom about the assignment, really. They're just about being tired, or hungry, or off kilter, or worried.....)

And she still gets plenty of coloring, pasting, and word search time-- it's just on her OWN time, when SHE feels like it! :)

Really, the only downside I see regularly with homeschooling is that if they left the house for school, I might have a fighting chance to get it clean!