Friday, July 15, 2011

Math problems of the week: 5th grade

5th grade applied math problems: the 1920's vs. the 21st Century (click on pictures to enlarge):

I. The second-to-last "Everyday Use of Numbers" problem set in Hamilton's Essentials of Arithmetic, First Book (published in 1919), p. 363:

II. The second-to-last applied math problem set in the 5th grade Everyday Mathematics Student Math Journal Volume 2, p. 428:
III. Extra Credit

1. Which problem set is more "everyday"?

2. Which problem set is better suited to the everyday realities of classroom mangement?


Rivka said...

The first one makes me want to go out and join a 4-H club.

The second one would be a fine lesson for a health class, but I'm hard pressed to see any math in it. Couldn't they even have had them graph the results?

Virtual Learning said...

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