Friday, August 12, 2011

Math problems of the week: Interactive Math Program vs. 1900's Math, Part II

I. The first two pages of the 8th assigment in Wentworth's New School Algebra, published in 1898 [click to enlarge]:

I. The 8th homework assignment in Interactive Mathematics Program: Integrated High School Mathematics, Year 1 [click to enlarge]:

III. Extra Credit

a. What happens if you answer question 5, above, by saying that the more time you spend on homework, the less you benefit from participating in your group?

b. The Interactive Math Program assignment says that its questions are "designed to help you." The Wentworth assignment doesn't. Discuss.


Anonymous said...

Progressives are killing us. When will we wise up and demand quality over feel good nonsense?
This is a great example. Thanks for posting

Barry Garelick said...

Seems like Dan Meyer who writes the dy/Dan blog about all his brilliant digital videos and ways to "engage" students and how textbook problems such as the ones in Wentworth's are "quintessentially lame", might also comment on programs like the Interactive Math Program.

Deirdre Mundy said...

Wentworth doesn't want to HELP you, he wants to INSTRUCT you. Modern textbooks are trying to take the place of social workers.