Saturday, September 24, 2011

Autism diaries XXVIII: adventures to and from high school

As a special ed student, J qualifies for special transportation to and from his new high school. I'd like him to be able, eventually, to take public transportation just like his classmates, and so every morning I ride in with him, taking the green trolley to the orange train.

J has the logistics down pat and knows exactly where to get on and off. But every morning I see him do something that shows just how unready he is to travel on his own. He sneezes without covering his mouth; he lets go of his backpack; he can't keep his balance while standing while the trolley's in motion, leaning into nearby passengers; he pushes the turnstyle too hard. Most alarmingly, he can't resist the urge to charge past people, especially when there's one seat left on the trolley (as there so often is, way in the back, past all the standing passengers), or he sees a train a flight of stairs below him sitting on the tracks, its doors about to close.

So we have our morning transit riding tutorial, and then I let special transportation take over in the afternoon. But because apparently no other special ed kids are commuting between our part of town and where J attends school, this special transportation comes in the form of a taxicab.

J loves it. Especially because the driver readily follows his directions and drops him off wherever he asks.

So, if you have lunch money left over, why not get dropped at the Hoops Deli around the corner. You walk home from there grinning and brandishing a bottle of lemonade, and then, if your mother fails to catch on, tell her that "I stole a basketball and threw it through the hoop." Make sure she knows you are "speaking metaphorically."

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