Thursday, September 1, 2011

Math problems of the week: 1900's math vs. Interactive Math Program

I. The first chapter review in Wentworth's New School Algebra (published in 1898) [click to enlarge]:

II. The first chapter review in Interactive Math Program: Integrated High School Mathematics, Year 1 [click to enlarge]:

III. Extra Credit
Are writing cover letters, creating portfolios, and discussing personal growth examples of 21st century mathematical skills?


Oak said...

Your labels are reversed. The first two pages are the 1898 text and the next two are the IMP text.

Niels Henrik Abel said...

"Homework 1: Past Experiences

"Include this so you can look back later and compare your experiences before this year to your experiences with the Interactive Mathematics Program."

(Student response)
Well, let's see. Last year I had geometry with Mr. Smith. He was a tough teacher, but I'm really glad I had him, because we actually learned how to do some proofs, which he said we'd need to know, especially if we want to take calculus and physics and understand all that stuff. I was psyched, because I had read about Newton and Leibnitz and Kepler, and I really wanted to learn about this magical calculus that allowed them to understand some of the mysteries of nature. I was supposed to take intermediate algebra and trig this year, but they changed the math program and I got stuck with this stupid "Interactive Mathematics" thing. There's hardly any math at all, and what little there is is not going to help me at all when I finally do manage to get to calculus and physics. Give me back my math, please, instead of this crap.

Laura said...

Student Response: LOL

Another reason to homeschool... I can choose a better curriculum than "Interactive Math Program." Don't think there can be anything worse...