Saturday, December 31, 2011

Anonymous and Chemprof on Yet another front in the war against math…entrepreneurs


Anonymous said...

I find it odd that he chose Geometry to eliminate when it has so many practical applications. Couldn't you use knowledge of geometry, history, a foreign language or a bunch of other things as the basis of a successful business?

I'm a small business owner. I never took a course in entrepreneurship but I figured out how to create a business plan pretty easily. Millions of entrepreneurs figured out how to fill unmet needs without ever taking a high school course in how to do it. High schools usually offer business and finance classes that pretty much cover the financial stuff. They offer writing classes which cover how to write. And colleges offer Marketing courses.
All you need to learn to become an entrepreneur is already being offered at the high school or college level. An entrepreneurship course is completely unnecessary.

ChemProf said...

I think part of this push is a (poor) response to college for all. High schools no longer offer business or finance courses, because those aren't college prep, so now there is a push to move those courses into the college prep curriculum.

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