Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Deirdre Mundy on autism diaries XXVII: roundup of the latest experimentation and mischief


Deirdre Mundy said...

My dad apparently had great luck with "frogs and salamanders in the ice cubes" as a boy. But his pranks were aimed at making sisters scream, not parents groan.

…spring peepers are very small, so they fit in well. As are some salamanders. And for the others, if you, say, freeze them and put them in the container used for finished cubes, and your sister grabs a handfull and dumps them into her coke w/o looking, and then the salamanders thaw and wake up....
Well, apparently it's legendary. I have NOT let my kids do this, because I LIKE the frogs and salamanders and don't want them to get hurt or scared. :)

But more seriously, if your kid likes electronics, understands electronics and is GOOD at electronics, you should totally encourage him! Maybe you can redirect some of the 'prank' into "useful?" Like hit thrift stores, pick up non-functioning devices, and challenge him to fix them?

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