Saturday, December 24, 2011

Deirdre Mundy on Models for Autism


Deirdre Mundy said...

Have you seen the trailers for Wretches and Jabberers? The men featured in that movie seem to be type 1.
Also, in terms of gluten and dairy avoidance 'curing' autism -- severe food allergies can cause autism-like symptoms in a child, BUT if avoiding the allergen 'cures' her, then it wasn't AUTISM. It was a food allergy. I think this is where a lot of the 'diet cure' advocates run into issues.

The doctor tells them that diet doesn't cure autism. They see a cure for their child. So look! Doctors are wrong! Actually, the Dr. is just commenting that the cure means it WASN'T autism in the first place....
The biggest issue I see with "the spectrum" is that it seems like we're taking a bunch of symptoms and saying "everyone with these symptoms must have the same underlying disorder!" When really, if I have a runny nose, it could be allergies, it could be a cold, it could be flu, it could be that I ate a bowl of curry, it could be that I stuck a foreign object up there.

Treating all runny noses as if they had the same cause would be insane.... but it seems like that's where we are with autism right now....

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