Sunday, December 25, 2011

gasstationwithoutpumps and Deidre Mundy on Ideas that buzz: modern educators, clinicians, and writers


gasstationwithoutpumps said...

"Buzz" and faddism have a lot to do with funding of science and are almost the sole determinant of who succeeds as an artist.
In both fields it is difficult sometimes to distinguish the brilliant from the cranks and so the mediocre rule.

Deirdre Mundy said...

I think you'll find that many home-schoolers are also buzz-less education reformers-- we can't change the system, or even find a listening ear.... but we can at least fix the system for OUR OWN KIDS.

In my fantasy education reform, we'd replace 'academic' pre-k and K with "montessori for all."

It's not that montessori doesn't TEACH academics.. it just teaches them in an age appropriate manner. It also teaches habits of concentration and calm that many kids today seem to lack.

The thing that I find odd is that, in the US today, Montessori is basically the preserve of wealthy elites, even though it was originally developed for poor tenement children in Italy.

Anyway--homeschoolers actually, as a group, devote a fair amount of time to education and curriculum research. But, as parents, they mostly care about what works.
But when you're a stay-at-home, crunchy-granola-religious-pseudo-hippy, you don't generate buzz---it's more like ANTI-buzz.

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