Wednesday, December 28, 2011

LexAequitas on Will geeks inherit the earth?

LexAequitas said...

I have 2 sons (actually 3, but for this explanation only the older two are needed).

Son one is bright, highly analytical, has a good grasp on logic and math, has a rock-solid memory, is tremendously interested in science and is straightforward and honest and opinionated. He has sometimes rocky relationships with peers due to his honesty and shyness. Similarly, in conferences his teachers dismiss his intelligence as almost an afterthought, and focus most of their attention on whether he's giving them the proper amount of respect/writing neatly/organizing his desk/doing things on their schedule. His grades tend to be highly uneven.

Son 2 (3 years younger) is of about average intellect, has a tenuous grasp of logic, and a poor memory -- but is also friendly, extremely outgoing, and usually cheerful. He makes friends easily, has enough sense not to go against the teacher, and even his rebelliousness/mischievousness is often viewed by teachers with a smile and wink. His great talent is to get everyone to love him.
I can't necessarily say that son 2 will do well in life and son 1 won't. But so far, son 2 is having a far easier time and enjoying his life a lot more.

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