Friday, December 23, 2011

Linda on the Pennsylvania State Assessment Anchors (PSSA)


Linda said...

Yes, the PSSA is taken in the spring of fourth grade. I teach at a school in PA that does Singapore and the PSSAs are the bane of my existence. There is practically no computation on the PSSAs and the kids are allowed to use calculators on most of it. Our students can do some really fantastic math, on which they are not tested. Basically, the month before the PSSAs we have to put the real math away and drill the kids in things like symmetry (there are a million questions on symmetry) and other random bits of unimportant stuff that they love to focus on. The higher up the kids get the farther back in Singapore I have to dig for test review. The PSSA fourth grade picture graphs are in the Singapore book 2B.

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1crosbycat said...

At least the whole math program is not based upon matching the PSSAs. Our public school bought an elementary program that bragged about being paced to the state test. Perhaps this is why districts are improving their PSSA scores - from buying curricula to match the tests across all tested subjects. How could you not improve? But I'd prefer spending a month to prepare (which they do anyway) than having a flawed program used all year long.