Sunday, December 25, 2011

RMD on Blaming Children for their Ignorance

RMD said...

I find it amazing that mankind has spent thousands of years trying to make sense of the world in a systematic way that helps us do really cool things, and modern pedagogy is willing to just let our kids experiment with the world assuming we don't have a 6000 year head start on our ancestors, rather than catching them up on the last 6000 years and then letting them experiment.


Jerrid Kruse said...

I find it amazing people who do not understand this "new" pedagogy (it's not new, it's thousands or years old) feel as though they have authority to criticize it. If you think a teacher who subscribes to "constructivism" doesn't provide students with information/tools at all, you are not getting the point. Not even a little. You imply teachers should simply tell kids the knowledge up to now, but you clearly misunderstand how the mind works & assume that if teachers teach, students learn. This is clearly not true. Spend some time actually talking to kids trying to learn something difficult & you'll see they very often misinterpret what teachers intend. If a teacher actually investigates what students are thinking, by having them actually try some things before being told, the teacher can better address students' struggles when they provide direct instruction.

Anonymous said...


When you say this type of pedagogy is thousands of years old, can you please provide some examples? From what I know of history, direct instruction of children was quite normal. Can you point to examples throughout human history, where constructivism was the norm?