Thursday, January 19, 2012

Math problems of the week: traditional geometry vs. Integrated Mathematics

Introducing postulates and proofs: group games vs. whole-class discussion

I. From the beginning of the 1961 Weeks & Atkins A Course in Geometry "Proof" chapter (Chapter 3, p. 36):

II. From the middle of the 2002 Integrated Mathematics 2 (2002) "Logic and Proof" unit (Unit 7, p. 406):

III. Extra Credit:

Weeks & Atkins A Course in Geometry has two authors; Integrated Mathematics 2 has 35 authors (12 "senior authors," 8 "editorial advisers and reviewers," 8 "manuscript reviewers," and 7 "program consultants"). Write a theorem that relates the number of authors to:
1. the weight of the textbook.
2. the quality of the textbook.

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C T said...

Hey, look, the standard cast of Barney is in high school now! (If they think the students aren't sniggering at this photo, they're naive. Maybe instead of distracting photos, they could focus on math. The textbook might even cost less!)