Friday, January 6, 2012

TerriW on Artsy science


TerriW said...

You know, scientists often need to communicate with one another via written or oral methods (let's call it "Language Arts"), and it would be very powerful if schools could somehow incorporate this into their STEAM training. We could call it LASTEAM.

Wouldn't that be great? It would be an education with specific focus on Language Arts, Science, Technology, Art and Math!
Hmm. But you know, scientists often have to communicate with colleagues in other countries, it would be so powerful if we added a specific focus on foreign language, too. We could call it FLASTEAM!
But, wait! I have read that regular exercise allows people to think more clearly, perhaps if were to add some sort of fitness training -- let's call it Gym -- that would really intensify the synergy. Let us call it: FLAGSTEAM!

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