Friday, April 20, 2012

Math problems of the week: 6th grade Everyday Math vs. Singapore Math

I. The final angle deduction problems in the 6th Grade Everyday Math curriculum (Student Math Journal I, p. 201) [click to enlarge]:

II. The first angle deduction problems in the 6th Grade Singapore Math Primary curriculum (Primary Mathematics Workbook 6B, p. 85) [click to enlarge]:

III. Extra Credit

Which problem set better prepares students for formal proofs in geometry?

Given that U.S. Reform Math geometry programs have drastically reduced or eliminated formal proofs, does this matter?

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Barry Garelick said...

If you're using Singapore Math with your child on an after-school basis, you likely will not be able to do the same thing when they're in high school. Their simply isn't enough time for them to do the required math homework for their math classes in high school and then do a separate program at home. That was the case with my daughter. So in that regard, Singapore Math provides a grounding in proofs that is not even hinted at in most high school courses. So in answer to your second question, yes, it matters.