Saturday, August 18, 2012

Engineering Act II

I'm in the process of dropping my oldest child off at college. He's attending his first choice, a university (not a liberal arts college; not a tech school) with an engineering department, located in a very decent-sized city (interesting restaurants and urban exploring opportunities are particularly desireable), somewhere south of the 42nd parallel (not requiring heavy winter clothing). This choice was entirely his, as is his declared major, chemical engineering.

But he has been refreshingly open to advice about how to fill his distribution requirements. I've long warned him that much of the humanities have been ravaged by Post Modernism, and Critical Theory, and I happily warned him away from such courses as "Computers and Society" and "Music, the Arts, and Ideas." Avoiding scheduling conflicts was quite the challenge. After an hour or two of searching he found a course that both fit in with the rest and sounded good (even great!) to Mom: "The History of Archeology."

This is my shy child, who's no longer shy; my math boy, who's no longer so interested in math. He prefers to work in groups and do hands-on activities--but in the best sense of group work and hands-on. Working as part of a team of caterers and busboys has earned him his freshman year spending money; interning among engineers is how he pictures spending future summers. Or perhaps that history of archeology class will open up another pathway to meaningful, hands-on teamwork.

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Jennifer said...

Congratulations--it's a big step for both of you.