Friday, August 10, 2012

Math problems of the week: 4th grade Investigations vs. Singapore Math

I. The final problem set in the 4th grade Investigations Student Activities Book "Moving Between Solids and Silhouettes" unit (Unit 7, p. 52):

II. The final problem set in the 4th grade Singapore Math Primary Mathematics 4B Workbook "Measures and Volume" unit (Unit 11, p. 154):


Barry Garelick said...

Some time ago, I posed the following question to Deborah Ball, dean of U of Michigan's ed school and also served in an advisory capacity on Investigations' latest edition:

"Lastly, tell us where you stand on Investigations, Everyday Math, and Connected Math Program. Do you support them and believe they are effective? Why? Many of us await your answer."

Still waiting for an answer.

Auntie Ann said...

Identifying silhouettes? What on earth is the purpose of that????