Monday, October 8, 2012

Autism diaries, XXXVIII: death, revisited

Two years ago today, J’s grandfather died. But you can still see and hear him in archived interviews and on a multi-episode series he hosted for a PBS show. We haven’t yet taken these opportunities to see and hear him again, but we know we can if we want to. And, just the other day, I mentioned that possibility to J.

“Would watching a tape of Grandpa be the same as being with him?” I asked J.

“You can’t talk to him,” J replied immediately. “It’s like if a fan is broken and you watch a video of the fan when it was working,” he went on, delighted with his analogy. “You can see the fan, but you can’t feel it.”

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TerriW said...

I was thinking about J this weekend -- our family is heading down to Orlando soon for a family vacation. My husband wanted to do a swamp/airboat tour, and in talking to the guy who does them, he happened to mention how popular the tour is with autistic kids. I suppose it's like getting to sit in front of an enormous ceiling fan.