Saturday, November 24, 2012

Math news roundup-- 11/24/12

Barry Garelick's piece on the Common Core Standards, just out this week, is here.

Meanwhile, over in Montogomery County Maryland, hundreds of parents have signed an online petition to restore ability-based math groupings:

The online petition strikes me as a great way to combat the tendency of schools to divide and conquer parental concerns by turning every problem into a problem between a particular parent/child and a particular teacher. ("If your child is bored in math, talk to your child's teacher about it.")

Since the Common Core, as Barry Garelick points out, is threatening to dumb down math instruction even further, it would be nice to see more of these parental petitions beginning to circulate.

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Auntie Ann said...

Our school has mastered the divide and conquer technique. They work very hard to keep parents from talking or organizing together.