Monday, December 31, 2012

Favorite Comments of '12: Anonymous and Deirdre Mundy

On When the school yard enters the classroom

Anonymous said...

From an articletoday on Schoolbook, (an education news website from WYNC)about a program where high school students read aloud to each other:

"“People in high ability groups carry this inflated sense of smartness,” she explained. But when the high achievers have to help those students who aren’t as comfortable in school, she said, they often realize those students have other strengths. “That usually outshines what people who are bookish bring to the table. The playing field is totally evened.”
It's all about evening the playing field.

Deirdre Mundysaid...
In fifth grade they had the high ability students read aloud to the kids at the bottom of the class and then 'team up' to take tests and write papers on Dear Mr. Henshaw.

As a 10 year old I learned that:
1. Some kids are too dumb to get Beverly Cleary, even when read allowed.
2. You can't let those kids jeopardize your chance for an 'A'
3. Therefore it's better to do all the work yourself and put their name on it too so that you can survive the project.
4. The teacher really, really liked working on her nails. Which she got to do ALOT, since this 'project' allowed her to dissolve reading groups and basically act as a babysitter.

Luckily, for Math the same teacher was willing to leave me in the corner with an Apple IIe... I got really good at Oregon Trail.

Johnny needs to get to leave and go to the library for Math and work at his own rate. 'Group work' helps no one.

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