Sunday, December 23, 2012

Favorite Comments of '12: Barry Garelick, lgm, and Hainish

On The achievement gap, III: forgetting to hand things in

Barry Garelick said...
It doesn't seem that hard to me. When I was student teaching, we had a daily checklist for homework and other assignments. The teacher kept a record of missing assignments and allowed students to make up missing homework. On some assignments, there was a penalty for turning things in late, but it wasn't counted as a zero.

lgm said...
If the student doesn't have an IEP here, the missing hw is a zero. This can be 1/10 of your quarter grade in some classes, or a minor fraction in others.

One of the best strategies to take down an acheiving student: assign them to the second half of a double period math class. Collect the hw during the first period. When the kids arrive for the second half, immediately start your class. Don't dismiss until bell rings and don't accept anything late. That will assure equity. true story

Hainish said...
Yes, why isn't the teacher simply asking for and collecting the homework at the start of the period? Or does she want students to construct knowledge of how to hand things in, themselves?

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