Saturday, December 22, 2012

Favorite Comments of '12: RIcochet, FedUpMom and KimS

On  What we're missing at school

Ricochet said...
I teach a subject that most people do not do well in or enjoy. A subject reliant on everything you have ever been taught. Math. We haven't had textbooks for 5 years and there are no expectations that we will have them anytime soon. So we photocopy material, because high school students will write down answers not problems.

They cannot keep up with photocopied sheets.

They do not put things in notebooks.

I am being told that I am not with it, that we are moving to electronic methods of teaching and the kids do not need books.

Lord help us.

FedUpMom said...
The truth is that all of us middle-class parents are homeschoolers, whether our kids attend school or not. Both my kids currently attend school, and it's unbelievable how much time and energy I have to put into teaching them, whether it's to get them through homework or make up for the schools' teaching failures.

KimS said...
I've served on every committee possible at my children's school and I've realized that what you describe here is EXACTLY what happens in public school - or - more importantly, what does not happen. Our schools get legions of data from state tests, but they never look at the data with a critical eye to determine if there are any areas where they might need to adapt instruction. Worse, when faced with analysis that indicates exactly where problems might reside, they ignore the information or castigate the researcher. I'm the daughter of public school teachers and was a huge advocate of public education until my kids entered public school. Now all I want it the right to choose for my children what's best for them.

Oh - and on the topic of different theories about how the Native American's arrived here, I've heard two different theories. The first is that they all came across the Bering Straight. The second is that there were two waves - one from across the Bering Straight and another from Europe in boats that traveled along the ice pack hunting food and eventually landed on the east coast (search for the Clovis Indians and Chesapeake Bay to read about it).

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gasstationwithoutpumps said...

All the recent theories I've seen suggest only Bering Strait (or land bridge) immigration for Native Americans, but they differ about the heterogeneity of that immigration and whether it was one, two, or three waves, or whether there was an on-going admixture with Siberian populations.

You can find a lot of the articles publicly accessible using Google Scholar searching
Native American migration

I don't think that the question is fully settled yet, and the male and female lineages may show differences.