Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Favorite Comments of '12: C T, Anonymous and David Foster

On "Embodied learning"

C Tsaid...

And perhaps someday, we could even figure out a way to get children out of their seats...perhaps even out of the classroom, outside where they could release pent-up energy...and view something called "nature"...We could call this experiential learning aid "recess".
Ah, but I am indulging in dreams today. ;)
Anonymous said...
After lengthy conversations with our school principal about the lack of adequate education for gifted students in math, she finally admitted that the math program is designed to be "egalitarian" and meet the math needs of the majority of kids who will go into liberal arts fields and will not need advanced problem solving abilities. She said that for the STEM oriented kids the school has purchased SmartLab, which is an elaborate series of computers with advanced graphics and movie making software and robotics equipment that cost around 300K, for kids to play with. Some bright shinny techie things instead of math education.
David Fostersaid...
Apparently a lot of schools have been replacing actual lab science with computer simulations of lab addition to the point that this approach doesn't work as well in terms of getting kids out of their seats and making the learning truly hands-on, it also kind of misses the whole point of science, which is that *you can always, at least in principle, see for yourself* don't have to trust an "authority."

And a black-box computer model is every bit as much an authority today as Aristotle's books were during the Middle Ages.

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