Thursday, January 3, 2013

Favorite Comments of '12: kcab

On Constructivizing the Common Core, II

kcab said...

My middle-schooler is getting hit by a similar type of assignment. He's supposed to write a book for his math class, and part of it is supposed to involve a particular concept that has been covered in class already.

I don't really like the assignment in general, but I'm also concerned because this is a class in which he's subject-accelerated and is 2 grades behind and as much as 4 years younger than the majority of his classmates. For math itself this difference doesn't present a problem, but his writing is on grade level and he'll probably be dinged for that. I'm concerned that this spreading out of language arts to all subject areas will end up restricting the ability of students to work at the appropriate level in other subjects.

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