Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Favorite Comments of '12: Magister Green

On The unsung virtues of multiple choice tests


As someone who A) likes multiple-choice tests and B) quizzes his students every day, I've come to appreciate the power of a well-put together m/c test. Especially with distractors...I always try to put one distractor in each question that could be correct but is subtly wrong. You can really force students to reflect on why they are picking one answer over another; it makes for great post-quiz discussion and has been a potent tool for review and practice in class. I'm a fan.

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EricMR said...

I like multiple choice for myself, but frequently the special education students I work with find the amount of thinking required by reading closely for comprehension and thinking about the material to be very difficult, and have developed a pernicious habit of just guessing at random; all too often the test design and/or the "school culture" will permit them to stab repeatedly until they get it right. I really like they way Dr. Beals's Grammar Trainer requires that the trainee type out his or her choice rather than just click on it, thus foiling the students attempt to just blow through the task without engaging the brain.