Sunday, January 13, 2013

Two requests for your input

Barry Garelick, co-founder of the U.S. Coalition for World Class Math, is looking for anonymous feedback from teachers, specifically about Reform Math and the Common Core Standards. As he writes:

Teachers are unwitting victims and it has become the norm for fuzzies to blame the elementary teachers for not understanding the math they have to teach. That may be true for some teachers, but it's too convenient an excuse, like blaming the students. Everyday Math, TERC [Investigations] and the foolishness of how Common Core Standards are going to be implemented will have a bad effect on students, and some teachers are forced to toe the line to implement things like Everyday Math, and Connected Mathematics Project with "fidelity" or face being fired--and these are teachers who know math.
Barry wishes to protect your identity, and asks that you send your responses/stories through me, at katharine dot p dot beals at gmail dot com.

Meanwhile an anonymous blogger at the new blog Wasting Time in School is seeking:
anecdotes of ridiculous time-wasting activities/assignments/projects. All contributions will be kept anonymous unless someone specifically requests otherwise.

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