Friday, April 12, 2013

Math problems of the week: 6th grade Everyday Math vs. Singapore Math

I. 6th grade Everday Math, from the "Rates and Ratios" chapter of the 6th grade Everyday Mathematics Student Math Journal, Volume 2:

A. The first problem involving distance, rate, and time (p. 290) [click to enlarge]:

B. The one other problem from this section involving distance, rate, and time (p. 249):

II. 6th grade Singapore Math, from the "Speed" chapter of the Primary Mathematics 6A Workbook.

A. The first problem set (p. 74) [click to enlarge]:

B. Another problem from about 17 additional problems involving distance, rate and time--all word problems (p. 79)

III. Extra Credit

What sorts of higher-level thinking do Singapore students miss out on by not being asked to create number sentences in the first problem set?

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