Friday, April 26, 2013

Math problems of the week: 6th grade Connected Math vs. Singapore Math

A continuation of last week's problems-- the next pages in the chapters on circles sections of 6th grade Connected Math and Singapore Math:

I. From Connected Math "Going Around in Circles" section [click to enlarge]:

II. From Singapore Math Primary Mathematics 6 Workbook "Circles" chapter [click to enlarge]:

III. Extra Credit

Discuss 21st Century Geometry as an empirical science, complete with hypotheses about, and tests conducted upon, circular objects.


Auntie Ann said...

In our kids' 5th grade class (EM) they were never taught how to simplify fraction-multiplication problems by factoring across the two fractions (our kids already knew how before the year began.)

I love how SM assumes you know how to do that.

FedUpMom said...

Auntie Ann, damn straight. I've had to teach fraction "canceling" to several kids now. Thanks for the reminder; I should work with my after-school tutees on this ...