Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Best Summer Math Project ever!

After all the community helper interviewing and festive meal planning and boardgame-designing and library-measuring projects, how refreshing to read the directions for the "Calculus Summer Project":

"You need to know all the 25 derivative rules on p. 2 as well as the trinometry rules on p.3. You need to fill out the chart on pages 4-8 and know these as well."

The chart? A series of functions, ranging (as it were) from y = x2 to y = cot-1x, with spaces for each function's graph, domain, range, zeros, symmetry, odd/even, periodicity, and whether or not it's one-to-one.

J will enjoy this so much more than the typical alternatives, and (since we won't have to chaperone him at libraries, shop for poster board, badger him through the entire process, and wonder about the all the opportunity costs and all that actual math he might be forgetting over the summer) so will his parents!

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