Monday, July 22, 2013

Icky stuff for dummies

From Portuguese Phrases for Dummies, Chapter 2 "Grammar on a Diet: Just the Basics:"

Ick. Grammar. Remember that word from high school? The way grammar is usually taught, you feel like you're doing math problems, not exploring fun cultural stuff.
It doesn't seem to occur to education types and book sellers that there are other sorts of people out there-- math types, linguist types, engineering types, etc., etc.-- who have very different tastes from they consider "popular."

Math problems are fun. Grammar is fun, too. And "exploring fun cultural stuff"--if it's all travel brochures and skits and tissue boxes--can be downright icky.


FedUpMom said...

I think the fallacy here is that the average reader was EVER taught grammar, boring, fun, or otherwise. I never was and I'm no spring chicken. Kids today never see the stuff.

Lsquared said...

I think it's a sign that you want a different Portuguese book.

Katharine Beals said...

Actually, the friend who told me about this reports that the book goes on to give a pretty good discussion of Portuguese grammar.