Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Autism Diaries: By the way, this is D, Katharine's husband

During his summer down time, J’s been keeping busy with his iPhone. Besides playing chess, editing Wikipedia, and surfing the web, he’s recommenced his impersonations. Generally he impersonates either me or D, his father, and what motivates him aren’t just the thrills of deception, but also things like weaseling out of spending time on his summer homework with his tutor, or getting various people tell him about their ceiling fans or deceased loved ones.

Three mornings in a row I’ve received messages from friends forwarding me suspicious text messages. For example, to E, his tutor:

Hi, this is Katharine. My phone battery is dead so I’m using J’s phone. I just want to take J to Valley Green today so I’ll see you tomorrow. 
Or to P, whose father just died:
I’m very sorry to hear about your father. Is his body buried? By the way, this is D, Katharine’s husband.  
I also received this message from S, and old friend from college:
Hi K + D, I’ve been getting some cryptic phone messages and texts lately, and a couple of days ago, I had an h-ha moment. J! Lo and behold, is was. No harm done. Some of the follow-up texts have purported to be from D, but I have a feeling they also may have been from J.
Perhaps all this can be challenged into a remunerative career in hacking. Or, better yet—I’m thinking of back when J changed his email alias to “Mailer Daemon,”--in spamming.

Indeed, another of J’s natural talents is the equivalent of spam-filter foiling. When we told him to stop texting the s-word, his response was:

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Happy Elf Mom said...

What a great guy!! I love it!