Thursday, November 14, 2013

Math problems of the week: traditional vs. Chicago Math algebra

Highest Common Factors in 1900's algebra vs. The University of Chicago School Mathematics Project Algebra

I. The first problem set involving highest common factors in Wentworth's New School Algebra (published in 1898) [click to enlarge]:

(Repeated from last week's post).

II. The only problem set involving highest common factors in the UCSMP's Algebra (published in 2002) [click to enlarge]:

III. Extra Credit:

Write a formula relating the depth and difficulty of these problem sets to their respective page numbers.

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NickofBrookline said...

It looks like the older problem set is more advanced: it has plenty of problems, quite a few involve knowledge of factoring polys, and there is a variety of powers which is rich. The newer problem set doesn't look bad to me, it just covers some of the easier cases without stepping up to the next level. I taught Alg I in 1987, and I don't remember what book I used. I doubt it resembled either of these examples, somehow. Nick