Sunday, December 22, 2013

Favorite comments of '13, cont: Anonymous

On Don't just assist (and/or medicate); instruct, II

Anonymous said...

When my now 5.5yo was almost 3yo, his speech therapist recommended PECS (some picture communication thing). I refused, because I'd found a (then recent) study that found that kids using PECS do better with their communication skills than kids without, but do worse with speech than the kids without. I figured that eventually the communication would catch up with the speech, and doubted that the speech would catch up with the communication if using PECS. While he used only about 20 words at almost 3yo, he's now 5.5yo and his speech therapist says he has a good vocabulary. He's made a lot of progress, and after two years of mixed SpEd pre-K he is in regular K now, and will continue on to regular 1st grade next year. His main problem is that he rarely asks questions, but he's beginning to tell me about his day at school, and understands all sorts of instructions. I don't regret saying 'no' to PECS at all.

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