Thursday, December 26, 2013

Favorite comments of '13, cont: Anonymouses

On Letter from Huck: I Guess I’m Just a Cheater

Anonymous said...

I taught high school in the late 90s and gave up trying to actually teach as the textbooks got worse and worse and the directives on "best practices" got more and more prescriptive.

I moved into teaching comm. college and now we're getting hit with the same thing - except this time it's software based instruction pushing the teacher to the side (although group work and discovery learning is always there lurking in the background, just in case!)

Anonymous said...
Constructivist math makes a mockery of self-directed learning.

It's not about students studying, investigating, or learning on their own.

It's about taking what you expect the students to learn and then hiding it in a pile of obfuscation rather than just telling them.

This doesn't develop independent inquiry skills; it develops 'guess what the teacher really wants' skills.

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