Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Favorite comments of '13, cont: Auntie Ann

Math problems of the week: ratios in 7th grade Connected Math vs. 6th grade Singapore Math

Auntie Ann said...
The first page is the type that would drive me crazy as a student. Compare the kids with respect to what? Just their raw numbers? The wording is incredibly vague; yet, if I went to the teacher for clarification, I have no doubt that I'd be waved off with a "figure it out yourself" response.

In addition to your point about cleverness, I'd add this: I got a degree in physics in large part because I loved the thrill of solving very difficult problems correctly. With some problems, I could struggle with it for an hour or more, but when it fell into place, it was a tremendous feeling.

These modern curricula don't seem to account for the thrill of achievement.

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