Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Favorite comments of '13, cont: bky

On Do the Common Core authors really want Reform Math for "high needs" students?

bky said...

Some of the reform math curricula have word problems that are not really word problems. I have seen Everyday Math up close and personal. It is very wordy, the kind of thing where reading comprehension is more important than math skills. It is full of what look like word problems except they are really long, wordy set-ups about three kids with complicated names and their lemonade stand, and lots of names and pointless facts. The work the student is finally asked to do is to make a table and then a graph. 
The Everyday Math algebra books try to de-emphasize the algebraic side of algebra as much as possible, and there are few if any problems that most people would recognize as "story problems" or "word problems". I call them "wordy problems".

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