Saturday, December 28, 2013

Favorite comments of '13, cont: FedUpMom

FedUpMom said...
To me, it's a big red flag when these kids "write" exactly what the adults want to hear. Any parent of a difficult child would love to hear the child say "I I'm not the easiest kid in the world ..." but it's extremely rare. Most neurotypical kids don't have that kind of self-awareness and empathy for their parents, so it seems especially unlikely for a child with autism (am I allowed to say "autistic kid" on this blog?)

I just watched the second video. It's clear that the video was made as a response to skeptics, but I'm even more skeptical after watching it. They should have made a full disclosure at the beginning of the video about what software she's using. There's clearly some powerful auto-completion going on. What's Carly like with a plain word-processing program like the one I'm using now?

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