Saturday, December 28, 2013

Favorite comments of '13, cont: Wayne Bishop and momof4

On Why one school chose Investigations

Wayne Bishop said...

I am reminded of an experience with Sidwell Friends, DC's best (think Chelsea Clinton, Al Gore III, Obama's kids) with Everyday Math (and eventually went even worse to Investigations)…

A senior writer for U.S. News & World Report contacted me as a naysayer because she had convinced her editor to do an article on how many students, including her own daughter, were compensating - Sylvan Learning, Kumon, at home with Saxon Math, whatever - mad as hell and she wasn't gonna take it anymore. Seems that complaining was not taken well by the administration, "Perhaps your child would be more comfortable in a less challenging environment?" Underscored with a long waiting list of eager parents in spite of outrageous tuition. "Hanging the bell on the cat" was a serious risk but she was determined.

Several long phone calls and supplied evidence later the article appeared. Very positive for EM with me as the dismissible naysayer. She and/or her editor (his own kids?) had had a complete change of heart.

momof4 said...

Several years ago, the Scarsdale NY (highly affluent Westchester County, commuting distance to NYC) schools switched to Singapore Math, starting in K or first grade. The change was driven by parent pressure; the same parents who had been sending kids to Kumon or tutors. It's a one-HS town system, so was more responsive than large systems. The article in the local newspaper included an interview with the director of the local Kumon, who admitted that he was going to need to change his marketing strategy.

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