Sunday, January 19, 2014

Autism Diaries: Editing Cracker Barrel

It's not very often that I have an urge to edit Wikipedia. But every once in a while an article I assign for one of my classes contains minor errors or omissions that I'm tempted to fix. So, thinking things may be different this time, I push the "edit" button.

And once again, things aren't different, because I once again get the following message:

You are currently unable to edit Wikipedia.

You are still able to view pages, but you are not currently able to edit, move, or create them.
Editing from XX.XX.XX has been blocked (disabled) by Elockid for the following reason(s):
Wikipedia Checkuser.svg
CheckUser evidence has determined that this IP address or network has been used (not necessarily by you) to disrupt Wikipedia. It has been blocked from editing to prevent further abuse.
Once again, it would seem that a member of our household who is a bit more eager to edit Wikipedia than I am has gotten our IP address blacklisted. Hmm, who could that be?

"Why did we get blocked again?" I ask J. After the delete key episode, when we'd been banned for 6 months, wasn't he tired of not being able to ad important information about ceiling fans to all possibly relevant Wikipedia entries?

As it turned out, the problem this problem time was precisely J's zeal for adding fan information. He had gotten into, as he put it, "an edit war" with one of Wikipedia's senior editors--and the battlefield was none other than the Cracker Barrel entry.

The problem was that J kept adding helpful information about the fact that Cracker Barrels have ceilings fans, and the editor kept deleting it, telling him that it was irrelevant, and warning him not to put it back. And J, or so he told me, kept telling his editor that "Cracker Barrels do have ceiling fans; if you don't believe me, visit a Cracker Barrel and see for yourself!"

The Wikipedia editor, as you can see for yourself if you visit the Cracker Barrel entry, won the battle: there's not one reference to "ceiling fans" there.

But in the real world of the Old Country Store, Inc franchise, the truth is out there, in abundance. It's blowing the air around and making certain customers very happy: all you have to do is look up.

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Lsquared said...

Wow--you have to either laugh or cry when things like that happen. I hope you're laughing!