Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Favorite comments of '13, cont: TerriW and Evan

On Labels vs. Concepts, II: Why Piaget's followers underestimate and under-challenge America's students

TerriW said...
I am well-reminded of our experience transferring to a new swim lesson facility. At the beginning of the session, the new kids get a brief (and I mean *brief*!) minute with an instructor to assess their current level and place them in a class.

My 7 year old son -- already a little overwhelmed by our recent move and the intimidating new facility -- hopped into the water and was told: "Do a front switch!" and he just stared at them blankly.

So they put him in the class with the toddlers.

(You can probably imagine the rest of the story: he kept getting bumped back up as they realized he could already do everything but just didn't know their terminology. We were in three different classes within the first 40 minute class, and the whole thing ended in frustration and tears.) 
Evan said...
This reminds me of when I took my driving test and the instructor asked me to do a three-point turn. I stared blankly (out the windshield, because I didn't want him to see if he didn't need to) and asked, "Um, into this driveway?" Fortunately, he explained that you were supposed to do a three-point turn fully on the street - so I got my license after all. 

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