Monday, May 12, 2014

American History in the 21st century

From Glencoe's The American Vision, published in 2005:


Hainish said...

Was there a SkillTivity and SkillVenture to re-inforce this skill?

Niels Henrik Abel said...

That computer looks pretty dated - at least 10 - 12 years old, which is ancient in computer years.

So much for being with the times ~

Auntie Ann said...

Even better, create an artifact!


Stupid activity of the week for our kids (this is for 6th grade):

1) select an object.
2) measure the dimensions of the object
3) if you were to place this object into a cylindrical mailing tube, what should be the dimensions of the tube?
4) what about a triangular prism?
5) rectangular prism?
6) What are the surface area and volume of these boxes?
7) determine which of these boxes fits your object best.
8) explain why.

- Time required: 90 minutes, minimum.
- Educational value (0-10): 2.
- Opportunity cost (cost of time wasted which could have been spent doing something useful, instead of cutting and taping cardboard) (0-10): 9.
- Teacher's perception of the "fun" value of project (0-10): 9.
- Students' perception of the "fun" value of project (0-10): 0.
- Potential student frustration level when the cardboard doesn't cut and the tape doesn't stick (0-10): 8.
- Requisite parent participation level when frustrated kid wastes an hour and a half on a dumb-&^% and pointless assignment building a box, and parent gets exasperated by the time wasted and takes over (0-10): 6.