Friday, July 4, 2014

Math problems of the week: final 5th grade arithmetic problems from the 1920s vs. Reform Math

I. From the Everyday Math Student Math Journal, volume 2, final arithmetic problem set:

II. From Hamilton's Essentials of Arithmetic, final "Everyday Use of Numbers" problems, final speed test:

III. Extra Credit:

Compare and contrast the virtues calculator practice (integral to Everyday Math) vs. speed tests.

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S Goya said...

I do appreciate the comparisons between modern and less-modern math texts. Sometimes the comparisons are quite illuminating. However, today's comparison does not really work. A speed test is very different from a concept-builder. The Everyday Math page looks like a concept builder. However, I completely agree that at some point, the curriculum needs to remember that building concepts is a stepping stone to the ultimate goal of getting right answers (without a calculator).