Sunday, July 13, 2014

The view from 10,000 feet: Superintendents and the Common Core

Kids, parents, and teachers are frustrated by the Common Core, but, as a recent article by Education Week reports, superintendents generally support it.

A survey of more than 500 district superintendents and administrators from 48 states [conducted by American Association of School Administrators] shows that most of the local K-12 leaders are firmly behind the Common Core State Standards.
The AASA survey finds that 93 percent of the superintendents say the new standards are more rigorous and will better prepare students for success after high school. In all, 78 percent of those surveyed believe the education community specifically supports the standards.
Among the other "notable findings" that Edweek highlights is this one:
73 percent of those surveyed by AASA believe that the fight between supporters and opponents is actually hindering implementation of the standards.
I'm not exactly sure what makes this finding notable, but I'd say it's reason, not for concern, but for hope.

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Auntie Ann said...

They now have a ready excuse for anything: It's out of my hands, it's the Common Core! What's not to like?