Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Favorite comments of '14, cont: Auntie Ann and lgm

On The Road to Damascus--or simple exhaustion?:

Auntie Ann said...
I think poster-style assignments are assigned instead of essay-style ones for much the same reason. It's much easier to grade 20 posters than it is to grade 20 pages of bad handwriting, bad grammar, bad spelling, and weak content.

lgm said...
>>Unfortunately, what reduces teachers’ exertion also reduces students’ learning.

That is only true for the teacher that is teaching in the students' zpd. All else is a waste of time.
Classic sol'n is for kid to read his book in his lap, or the parts of the textbook that the class will never get to, while teacher is exerting himself reviewing for others.

Katharine Beals said...

lgm, it strikes me that the classic solution is harder and harder these days because kids sit in pods facing different directions and teachers tend to wander among those pods making sure that kids are interacting with one another.

lgm said...
Yes, if the child is a '3' or a '4' there isn't much for him to learn academically. All the effort goes into bringing '1' and '2' students up to '3', and that includes a lot of time spent on peer tutoring, which helps the children who are giving instruction develop their social skills if they get enough feedback. Personally my child found it difficult, as the impaired language skills of neglected children make it hard to communicate with them.

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