Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Favorite comments of '14, cont: Auntie Ann and Deirdre Mundy

On Math problems of the week: Common Core word problems from New York State:

Auntie Ann said...
The section with this problem starts at page 3.C.10, and the problem itself is on page 3.C.13:

Engage NY, Math, Grade 4 complete

It clearly shows that they want the kids to draw circles. Not 72 of them, but 7 to represent the tens, and another 2 to represent the ones. With regrouping, you are likely to draw slightly more than that. I ran through the problem as exampled, and drew 6 circles to represent each 24, (18 circles total), then grouped 10 of the ones, crossed them out, and drew another 10-circle. So, doing the problem took me 19 circles.

I did Singapore with our kid, and I don't remember it ever asking the kid to draw disks to answer the question. Bars, yes; disks, no. The text would use drawings of disks for explanation, and the instructor would use disks or other representations during the instruction phase, and the workbook might represent the problem with disks; but when it was time to actually do the numbers in the workbook, I don't remember the kid actually having to take the time to draw circle after circle.

Deirdre Mundy said...
Hey, since many schools no longer teach handwriting, math class has to pick up the fine-motor slack! So...drawing circles is just handwriting practice with a veneer of math!

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