Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Favorite comments of '14, cont: ChrisN, lgm, Anonymous, Auntie Ann

On The Finnish Fallacy: drawing the wrong lessons from our favorite international comparison:

ChrisN said...
He also doesn't mention that Finnish teaching methods are for the most part very traditional. Teacher talk, textbooks, students working individually. Here's a link to a "study" from last year on Finnish methods of teaching maths, published in an academic journal. It concludes that because such teaching methods are (apparently a priori) "wrong", they cannot have any influence on Finnish attainment in maths, which must "therefore" be down to cultural factors only!

lgm said...
I also agree the US Students should go out in all but torrential rain/hurricane weather for recess, but when I brought it up at the PTA I was laughed out of the room. The issue is the significant number of parents/caregivers who will not provide their children with appropriate clothing. Unlike yesteryear, when kids would layer up and had a pair of rainboots/snowboots with growing room, and grandma would knit them gloves & hat, it is considered elitist to expect them to go outside with anything less than the wealthiest child is if the donors aren't providing North Face etc. then equity demands that we provide a recess that all can participate in.
I kid you not.

Anonymous said...
I talked to a young German woman today who is working in the US as an au pair for a homeschooling family this year.

She said she considered coming to the US as an exchange student in high school, but would have been held back a year once she returned to school in Germany. It made more sense to take the year off after abitur.

The suckitude of US public schools vs European schools is not amenable to a quick fix that can be delivered by a school committee, an expensive curriculum plan, or a for-profit charter scheme.

Auntie Ann said...
The school I grew up in had a cloak room attached to every classroom for hanging up coats and taking off boots. I doubt schools are being built that way anymore, which means the mess of recess either ends up all over the hall or in the classroom.

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