Monday, December 22, 2014

Favorite Comments of '14, cont: Forty-two and Anonymous

On RULER or Roughhousing: what's better for bullying prevention?

forty-two said...
Reminds me of something I read in Switch: How to Change When Change is Hard: that people often commit what the authors call the "Fundamental Attribution Error", and assume that a given problem is a problem with the *people*, instead of looking to see if there's a problem in the *environment*.

I actually value the skills taught through RULER - I think they make for a better life - and I plan to teach them to my dc (and I get some good ideas for how to do it from things like RULER and the like). But I'm not sure they'd do much without an accompanying change in the school environment. And it doesn't surprise me much that changing the school environment itself solves a lot of the school bullying problems - an environment problem instead of a people problem.
Anonymous said...
I wonder if these Yale professors have any idea how brutally the students mock these social/emotional learning lessons -- even when they are delivered by trained social workers. Individual work with individual students on these issues can be helpful; in-class sessions, not so much.

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