Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Favorite comments of '14, cont: Full Spectrum Mama

On "I did it all by myself":

Full Spectrum Mama said...

You pinpoint several aspects of the current educational scene that i hadn't quite identified yet but were tickling the back of my mind and driving me nuts nonetheless.For one thing, the trend toward group work is HIGHLY challenging to my son, who is on the autism spectrum. He has a very difficult time when students do not follow their assigned roles; but, more importantly, he gets "helped" by the other students because of slow processing and impaired motor skills, despite being academically gifted. It is basically impossible for him to shine in that context.Second, this idea of scaffolding is one that has been a factor all along for my (again! academically gifted! but who cares - all kids should be met where they are and allowed to "do it"...)son. He used to come home with his school work essentially DONE by his helper -- who thought she was "helping" him. Now that you have so brilliantly identified these issues, what are some solutions?!

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