Sunday, December 28, 2014

Favorite comments of '14, cont: oldandrew, Cranberry, and FedUpMom

On High stakes testing in the very best sense:

oldandrew said...
I can't resist commenting that no part of the curriculum is under more continual threat here in England than A-levels. They are absolutely hated by the educational establishment who would much rather have a broader diploma, perhaps including more vocational elements, than have A-levels as the "gold standard" for university admission. Only the politicians have saved them for this long.

Cranberry said...
The German Abitur includes the grades earned in the last two years of high school (Gymnasium.) Thus, it does include classwork; there is also a separate grade awarded each term for oral participation in class. So teacher-pleasing behavior and homework completion are significant components of the Abitur.

Theodore Dalrympole pointed out in 2005 that the French Bac's rigor has been significantly diluted: French educational certificates have undergone the same grade inflation as British ones: for example, the proportion of children who pass their bac nowadays is more than five times what it was in 1970. In other words, the bac is not the guarantee of ability and accomplishment that it once was, and employers must make their choices on other grounds than a debased certification..

FedUpMom said...
I'm not happy with any system that closes doors for people based on their performance in adolescence. Lots of people, including very bright people, have a troubled adolescence. They need to have an on-ramp somewhere, especially in a society like ours where a college degree has become a basic requirement for almost any job.

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